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5904 Robertson Ave.
Nashville, TN 37209 Telephone:

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When choosing a company to handle your critical documents experience counts. Microfilm Services has scanned over 20 million pages to date, for a multitude of companies, including banks and hospitals.

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Microfilm Services knows that in today's rapidly changing computer technology environment, compatibility between various imaging formats and indexing software is key.

Microfilm Services is committed to providing our customers with the most powerful, yet flexible imaging system available in the industry today.

We offers a full complement of products allowing us to provide our customers with facilities for high-volume image capture,  customized document management, COLD/ERM, workflow automation, and internet accessible records.

Microfilm Services offer full import/export capabilities for over three dozen  document management systems allowing customers to effortlessly integrate new documents into their current document management system.

Contact us and let us help you organize your documents.

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BookScribe 2000

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